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A Startup Accelerator by Bizgenics Foundation

HaccUp by Bizgenics Foundation

Startup Accelerator for App-preneurs

Hack Sprints & App Development for Coders & Non-Coders Alike


Innovation sprints featuring b-concept, prototyping & pitch-crafting. Hacks »

CEO/CTO Training

B-modeling, UI design, development specs & digital marketing. Accelerator »

Cost-Efficient Coding

Pre-built modular microservices & offshore developers saves money. Services »

HaccUp Accelerator

Fast, Cheap & Sustainable App Development


You Don't Need to Be a Coder

To enter HaccUp, you only need to be a dreamer. Coding skills are entirely optional. HaccUp provides CEO/CTO templates for you to perfect your b-model, pitch deck, UI design, dev. spec. & online marketing.


We Provide Microservices & Offshore Coding

Our microservices platform (modular pre-built features) coupled with our HaccUp offshore team is the fastest, cheapest and most sustainable way to build and maintain an app. What might typically cost hundreds of thousands elsewhere can be done for tens of thousands. See Services »


0% Equity. You Can Stay or Go, No Strings Attached

HaccUp requires no equity and you may leave our microservices environment at anytime. You may also elect to stay on our platform by paying hosting & maintenance fees. See Accelerator »

Happening at HaccUp:

Let’s Get Hacking!