Development Options

Development Only: 0% Equity

You can elect to pay for HaccUp Services and SAASms Microservices Platform access without giving up any equity. You can also elect to leave our Microservices Platform at anytime.

For example, if you intend to obtain venture funding to build your own development team ~ you can leave anytime, no strings attached.

Alternatively, you may also choose to stay on our platform, even after your MVP incubation period, by paying for hosting and maintenance.

Technology Partner: Equity Option

All app businesses should develop either in-house technical resources or a technology partner with in-house developers. The rationale for this is that hired consultants stop supporting on your app as soon as funding or interest wains. Further, replacement development teams find it difficult to maintain or upgrade others’ work. For apps, on-going maintenance can’t be underestimated as any bug can result in a non-operational app.

In certain cases if we deem your play a good fit with our mission, we are open to taking an equity position as a technology partner in lieu of a portion of service fees.